Archive Films Posted in 2014

Martyn Allen has been busy again, posting two more of Sandy’s videos on YouTube.

As always, any information on the films would be appreciated.

First, a girls’ camp

Then a Woodlarks Group working party. My guess is that it is set in the early 1970s. The welder is David Fairhurst. Arthur Osborne (Oz) is prominent, with some of his 24th Birmingham Scouts. I think the guy sucking an ice lolly is Terry Wilson, who went on to find fame as Astro in UB40. Chris Abbot and Gwidge feature, typically Gwidge is washing up.

The main project is laying the path which is now used as a charging area. I think the interior shots are of the extension as it was being fitted out.

After viewing the film Martyn wrote “Bob Newport can be seen briefly washing up. The lad climbing the ladder without his prosthetic legs is Clive ( lost his legs after falling off a train ) … he introduced Dr Fletcher to the camp.”