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Hello Everyone

We hope that you have all either enjoyed your time at Woodlarks last summer or are looking forward to coming along in the season coming up. 2017 was a terrific season although the last few weeks were a bit damp, there has still been a wonderful atmosphere on site. Thank you all for making Woodlarks so special.

We have started something we have not done before which we hope will be a great way for everyone to become more involved in Woodlarks even when you are not here on site.

We are going to ask you to see what creative and fun ways you can come up with to raise some money to enable Woodlarks to fund a few projects on our *wish list* which we are going to do during the 2017/18 closed season. These projects, amongst all of the other normal closed season improvements and maintenance work our volunteers do, will continue to improve the facilities that you are able to enjoy when you are here. This project will be known as the Woodlarks 2017/18 Appeal.

For more information on the individual projects, please see our Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/348637208924808/

Small print: if the target is not reached by the end date, the funds will be used to cover which of the projects on the wish list the Trustees of Woodlarks Camp Site deem most necessary.  Any funds left over from that which are not sufficient to fund projects on the wish list will be put towards other projects at the Trustees discretion or left in the appeal fund until funds to cover other items on the wish list are available.  Be confident all funds will be put to excellent use on projects which will enhance the experience of future campers and volunteers.

Cheques can be sent to Sarah at the below address or you can use the MyDonate page .

Please email Sarah to let her know that the cheque is for the Woodlarks 2017 appeal or that you have used the MyDonate page so that your funds go into the right pot.

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Woodlarks 2017-8 appeal