Risk Assessments for the Trust

This page of Risk Assessments applies to people working for the Trust including working parties. For Risk Assessments relating to camps please use this page.

This page was extensuvely updated on April 20th 2024. Please note that some riskassesments have been renamed and.or renumbered from previpos versions.

001 Use of the Tractor

002 Painting

003 Lone Working

004 Storage and Dismantling of Wooden Pallets for Fuel

005 Use of the Leaf Suction Machine

006 Use of the Leaf Blower

007 Use of Hand Tools

008 Use of Power Tools

009 Electrical Safety

010 Hand Axes, Saws and Log Splitting

011 Child Safety at Working Parties

012 Hot Working

013 Aerial Runway

014 Use of Kitchen Equipment

015 Food Safety

016 Gas Cooker and Trench Oven

017 OutdoorCooking

018 Swimming Pool Safety

019 Use of the Swing

021 Laundry

022 Undercroft Fire Precautions

023 Wood Burning Stove

024 Swimming Pool Chemical Storage

025 Swimming Pool Cleaning

026 Swimming Pool Chemical Replenishment

027 Buggy

028 Hammock

030 Mobile Pizza Oven