Farewell Alexine

Picture of Alexine at Santa's Grotto 2019We are sad to announce the death of Alexine Crawford, Trustee, on 9th December 2021.

Alexine and Woodlarks Camp Site were born in the same year: 1930 and as the daughter of its founders, she practically had Woodlarks in her blood.  In her twenties, she was secretary to her father Col. Strover for Woodlarks (camp and workshop), and on her return to Farnham in the 1980s she renewed her involvement. Pathfinders, Explorers and Odyssians open camps all owe their existence to her initiative. She was a Trustee for many years and chaired the Trustees and Management Committee for twenty years, only stepping down in 2020. She seemed always to have her finger on the pulse, remembering and recording activities and projects accomplished. Her ability to visualise ideas meant her input to building projects was invaluable, and together with this she put immense effort into raising funds and inspiring people with the vision of Woodlarks. However, her love of people is perhaps her most memorable legacy: she would visit every group that came to camp, as well as working parties, and would often do jobs around the site. Even in the last months of her life, she was thinking about development and funding. She will be very much missed.

A memorial service will be held in the near future and we will make details of the live-stream and recording available on the Woodlarks web site.